Redundancies to Revenu Quebec

presse-appris-revenu-quebec-met(Quebec) Revenu Quebec makes the door 76 students working for the agency and reduces the working hours of 234 employees, La Presse has learned. Other sections may be added.

In a letter dated November 20, Stopru has obtained last week a framework Revenu Quebec mentions “decisions from the General Directorate” and asked directions to the business sector to “implement”. These decisions are:

“Students in the job of your directions should be dismissed November 30, 2015” (like yesterday);

“As of December 1, 2015”, so today, “staff who relies on the schedule of 37.5 hours per week must necessarily return to the 35 hours per week.” This represents a pay cut by 7%.

Press since Thursday tried to obtain explanations from Revenu Québec. The agency finally responded last night. “So far, 76 jobs were abolished students and 234 employees saw their work schedule to spend 37.5 hours to 35 hours, the normal hours of work,” does one said by email. The term “far” suggests that other student job cuts and other reductions occur hours.

“As a responsible manager and in line with similar efforts asked of all departments and agencies, Revenu Québec must take actions to reduce expenses through efficiency savings, including reducing the number of planned hours paid, “says the agency.

According to its most recent annual report, there were 460 “students and remunerated trainees” who worked for the agency in 2014. Revenu Québec did not specify the total number of employees whose working week is 37.5 hours .

This agency reports to the Minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao. His office did not call La Presse yesterday.

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