Refugees: Canadian municipalities form a working group

syrien-montre-passeport-arrivee-aeroportHalifax Mayor Mike Savage, and Councillor Raymond Louie Vancouver lead a working group set up by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to manage the crisis of refugees from Syria.

The cities of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax are also represented on the committee. Smaller communities, including St. Albert, Alberta, and Aurora, Ontario, will also have a representative on the working group.

FCM explained in a statement that the cities were the traditional home of immigrants. Mr. Louie, who is also president of the FCM, says the magnitude of the crisis in Syria is forcing Canadian cities to respond “generous” and “compassionate.”

The federation’s committee will examine the role of cities in the crisis, which will complement the work of provincial and federal governments.

It will give the opportunity for municipalities to share information and “best practices”, while allowing them to coordinate their responsibilities with those of the provinces and the federal government “to meet the immediate and urgent recovery targets.”

The working group will meet for the first time next week.

“Municipalities from all regions of Canada have always played an essential role in the success of Canada’s efforts came when refugees to resettle here,” said Mr. Savage in the press FCM.

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