Refugees: Moreau can not guarantee the objectives of Quebec

pierre-moreau(Quebec) The Minister of Public Safety, Pierre Moreau, was not able to guarantee Quebec Wednesday that will achieve its goal of admitting 3,650 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

“I hope so, but if you ask me ‘do you give me a guarantee that there will have selected 3600 to December 31’, I will not answer yes to that,” said Mr. Moreau has in press briefing.

Couillard The government pledged in September to triple the number of Syrian refugees welcomed in Quebec in 2015. Originally was expected to receive in 1200, a figure that was revised in 3650.

Quebec deal by December 18, 2400 files of candidates, promised Mr. Moreau Wednesday. These files will then be sent to the federal government to complete the process of security clearance. Only at the end of the federal review and an interview that refugees can come to settle in Quebec.

What about the 1,200 other refugees that Quebec has committed to host in 2015? “That will come later, the Minister Moreau said. I do not set myself a target for that at this date there will have both. We will go as and as we can “to process their cases.

In Ottawa, the Trudeau government must announce in the coming days how it will act on its election promise to host 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year. This plan should ensure that the number of refugees hosted by Quebec Password 3650 to over 5700. This projection is calculated based on the demographic weight of the provinces in the country.

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