Refugees: only women and families

famille-refugies-syriens-vient-arriverThe only men will not be admitted to Canada as part of the home of 25,000 Syrian refugees plan put forward by the Trudeau government, advanced CBC News Sunday.

The English network claims to have learned from reliable sources that only women, children and families will be able to enter Canada as refugees.

Security concerns were behind the decision. The government will announce details of his plan Tuesday.

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume said last week that he did not want to accommodate “20 year old guy frustrated” in his city, before amending it. He blamed the lack of information available to cities to receive refugees.

Security issues have become increasingly important in the discussion of hosting Syrian refugees since the attacks in Paris: two terrorists reportedly entered the territory of the European Union by a Greek island that hosts many migrants.

Last week, the federal immigration minister John McCallum called “priority [s] final [s]” the safety and health of Canadians, as well as refugees. We must not “they are compromised in any way,” he added, as part of the “ambitious plan” of Ottawa to accommodate refugees by New Year.

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