Regis Labeaume wants a minister in Quebec

justin-trudeau-rencontre-regis-labeaume(Quebec) The Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume, considers that “the national capital of Quebec deserves a minister” in the new Trudeau government.

The powerful elected municipal commented this morning, the accession to power of the Liberal Party of Canada, “From now on, the Québec region is quite different from what it was four years ago. We were totally in opposition as Quebec City. Today, it is predominantly conservative, but we still two elected [Liberal] that I think are talented politicians. Undoubtedly there was the potential to have a minister in the Quebec City region, a minister in Quebec City. I hope the Prime Minister will do what it takes for us to be well represented. ”

Mr. Labeaume has welcomed new members in its own way. “They’ll see what’s the policy, particularly in the Quebec City area. It’s a learning process. But I think there’s still there talent to represent us firstly and secondly to defend the records of the region and the city, “he explained.

The mayor refused to suggest a name more than any other to the Prime Minister, although he stressed the young age of Joel Lightbound (Louis-Hébert) and resume “very impressive,” Jean-Yves Duclos (Quebec) .

Mr. Labeaume briefly thanked the NDP elected officials for their involvement in last four years. He further elaborated on the Conservative record.

“I think the people of Quebec were satisfied with the Conservative government. The city and region have benefited have been many cases settled by the government. This satisfaction then translated into the results we saw yesterday [Monday], “he analyzed.

The mayor intends to repeat his priorities set out first thing in the election campaign, is the expansion of the Port of Quebec, funding for the National Optics Institute (INO), the creation of a Nordic Institute at Laval University supporting the US pre-clearance center that wants to host the Quebec City airport.

The federal Liberals had agreed in principle. The municipal elected now expected to put numbers on the table.

Lehouillier optimistic

Lévis Mayor Gilles Lehouillier held today to congratulate the Conservative Steven Blaney and Jacques Gourde, which retain their respective constituencies with comfortable advances. “Honestly, when you manage to get through a wave like this [liberal], it means you’re busy with your men you a bit,” he commented.

Even if its representatives have gone from the opposition side, the mayor expressed confidence that some of the dollars that the Liberals promised return upon the region, for example to the aquatic complex project of Saint-Nicolas. “It is estimated that there are firm commitments that were taken from that side.”

Mr. Lehouillier also sees a good eye position of the federal Liberals in the painting of the Quebec Bridge. The party promised to sit CN, cities and governments around the same table by the holidays and to break the deadlock before June 30, otherwise a more coercive solution could be imposed.

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