Reinforced Vigipirate plan: additional security forces in Seine-Maritime

plan_vigipirate_en_gare_de_strasbourg_19_aot_2013_04-630x0-630x0The Vigipirate plan evolves. On Wednesday, 30 November 2016, a Defense Council met at the Elysée to decide on the creation of an unprecedented level of alert “emergency attacks,” revealed the daily Le Figaro.

In Seine-Maritime, this reinforcement of the Vigipirate plan will result in the deployment of new security personnel, particularly in Le Havre.

A “Vigipirate plus” plan
The plan decided on Wednesday, in Defense Council, aims to adapt to the new strategies of terrorist attacks that have been observed in the recent attacks of 2015 and 2016.

This “Vigipirate plus” envisages the creation of a system with three levels of threat: “vigilance”, “enhanced security / risk of attack” and “emergency attacks”. The first level corresponds to a permanent safety posture involving the implementation of one hundred measures (of the more than 300 Vigipirate accounts).

The second level corresponds to a high, or even very high, terrorist threat, as is currently the case. Additional measures can be activated. At this stage, it will no longer be a matter of preventive measures, such as wearing badges or verifying identity documents, but also organizing patrols, screening and searches.

The third level, the one created by the Defense Council, “emergency attacks”, is adopted, very punctually, immediately after an attack or in the event of an imminent attack. This “emergency attack” level can be compared to the “alert removal” system and includes exceptional measures, such as the closure of roads or the shutdown of public transport and school.

Additional staff in Seine-Maritime
On its website, the prefecture of Seine-Maritime announces the reinforcement of the security devices. New forces of dynamic and static patrols will be deployed in Le Havre. These military patrols will be systematically accompanied by police officers to increase the possibilities of controls. The strength of the operational reserve may be called up to reinforce the police force or to be deployed in operations to monitor or monitor important events.

30 Gendarmerie Reservists (out of 283 in the Seine-Maritime), are mobilized daily to boost local resources.

Currently, the Seine-Maritime, like the whole of Normandy, is in level “vigilance reinforced” of the Vigipirate plan. During the summer of 2016, the Alpes-Maritimes and Île-de-France were classified as “alert attacks”.

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