Released, the criminal lawyer Loris Cavaliere can not practice

loris-cavaliere-avocat-famille-rizzutoArrested two weeks ago in the major operation against leaders of organized crime in Montreal, the criminal lawyer Loris Cavaliere was released pending further proceedings this morning. However, the accused must respect strict conditions, in particular to stop practicing law, a fact quite rare in Canadian legal history.

Loris Cavaliere will exercise the lawyer profession itself as a lawyer, visit its St. Laurent Boulevard offices and even enter a courthouse, except for his own cause.

The man of 61 years was released upon a deposit of $ 150,000 and has agreed to close a legal mortgage on a $ 150,000 property.

Also of note, Loris Cavaliere must remain at his residence round the clock without exceptions, such as for outings to his doctor or to his lawyer, were provided. He can not leave Quebec and will have to surrender his passport. The accused must also comply with more customary conditions, including not to contact his co-defendants, do not mix with people who have a criminal record or is known to be associated with a criminal organization, not owning a cell phone or Blackberry Encrypted Messages with PGP or type, do not frequent the cafes and discos, and do not possess or use of narcotics.

His case will return to court with other co-accused on 18 January.

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