Remarks on Women: Trump has no time to “political correctness”

donald-trump-exprime-durant-debatThe candidate for the Republican nomination Donald Trump says he does not remember having used the word “bitch”, “big” and “disgusting” to insult some women. Yet the billionaire seems to have used these expressions regularly in some public statements and on his Twitter account.

At the first Republican debate Thursday night, moderator of Fox News Megyn Kelly listed the insults allegedly made against some women and asked Mr. Trump if he had the “temperament” adequate for a presidential candidate .

The businessman has partially avoided answering the question, and in a series of interviews on Friday, he called into question the allegations of Ms. Kelly, saying he did not “recognize the words” and his team would conduct “seriously” to the checks.

It is not unusual that Mr. Trump launches insults at those who attacked him. He also encourages his fans to do the same in his book Trump: How to Get Rich (Trump: How to get rich). But his attacks often target women, especially in connection with their physical appearance.

In 2006, on the show Entertainment Tonight, Trump had described the particular host Rosie O’Donnell of “disgusting both inside and outside,” adding that her face was “fat and ugly”.

In the debate, the politician has admitted the remarks, but only with Ms. O’Donnell. When Ms. Kelly revived him questions and suggesting that he had insulted other women, he replied that he had no time to “political correctness”.

On Friday, in an interview with the US network CNN, Trump accused the host of Fox News “not be very smart.” “I do not respect her as a journalist,” he blurted.

A review of his statements in recent years, however, reveals that he has frequently made such comments filthy – with women and men.

On his Twitter account he wrote that the editor of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, was a “bitch” and that the singer Bette Midler was “disgusting”. He also described the dress of the Democratic Representative Barney Frank of “disgusting”.

On some occasions, Mr. Trump seems to have recognized himself that he had gone too far. In April, he had shared – and removed – a tweet from another user who wrote: “If Hillary Clinton can not meet her husband, what made him believe that it can meet the US ? ”

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