Rene Angelil, more than just impresario

rene-angelil-toujours-ete-tresRene Angelil was nice being behind the success of Celine Dion, it has also become a star in its own right. But the man who has just left us was much more than just impresario. He was a man with flair, artistic sensitivity and stubborn almost always had its way.

In person, this man with the improbable journey overawed. His faint voice worthy of a godfather was probably something to do, but what first struck his interlocutor was his superior intelligence and that assurance that emanated from his words. If there was any doubt in what he claimed, he did let it show above.

Rene Angelil however, was not an intimidating person, except when he disagreed with someone. So he did not even need to raise your voice.

“It is not at all a kind we have already said Celine Dion. I’ve never seen him yell at anyone. If it’s not good if it was not correct, he will remain calm, but his message will be clear: “I made you trust, asks me anything, it’s over.” ”

In August 2008, in Boston, I asked him what he replied to those who saw him as a manipulator.

“I just do my job: to protect Céline and organize things so that it goes well for her. That’s the job of a manager. Orchestrator, arranger, organizer, manipulator, call it as you like. I’m like that in everything, with the record company, for example, and the media are part of show business … Sure there are some media that are not happy times. ”

Too demanding?

Rene Angelil has always been very demanding with Celine Dion because he had unlimited confidence in his means and will to take on challenges. Too demanding?

“I’m afraid of being too heavy and sometimes I am, ‘he said in 2009. I never made a decision without having a say, even when she was little. But sometimes she agrees with my decision, and then she sailed 100%, then it is noticing that it’s difficult. ”

He was convinced of never having erred in managing the career of Celine Dion. “It was the timing perfect for her and me. When I met her, I had 39 years. I had learned from my mistakes of youth and she sought someone who had experience and wanted to do well. I needed someone to be able to stay in show business. I was very careful because I had the look of the entire Dion family on me. If I made mistakes, I would have heard about it. ”

In 2007, in London, Celine Dion told us: “What René decided for me, I have never questioned. I was too young, I had no experience. Today, I do not doubt, but I ask questions, that the fatigue can be. ”

People who know them well are convinced that it was she who, concerned about her husband’s health, prompted him to delegate much of his responsibilities to his friend Aldo Giampaolo, in June 2014, and A few months later, decided to cancel his Asian tour and all his concerts in Las Vegas until March 2015. In February 2015, it announced its reour as of August 27 and revealed at the same time as cancer of Angelil had resurfaced a third time.

Play the cards

When, in March 1999, his doctor told him he should be operated on the same day for a cancerous mass in the throat, Rene Angelil asked him what were his chances. 70% told him Dr. Steckler. “René thought for a moment. He had a faint smile. He thought 70% chance of success at blackjack, it was not to be neglected, on the contrary, it was very good, very good. ”

The story told in The master of the game, the biography devoted to him that Georges-Hébert Germain, is characteristic of the man who liked to recall that after having cut the umbilical cord of his son René-Charles, he immediately it gave his first blackjack lesson.

The game was at the heart of its successes and failures. For the first recording contract with CBS Celine Dion, in 1986, he will not ask the moon, but he set foot in the door of an unprecedented international career and will work to bring opportunities to enable her singing access to the top. Once it is established, it will be for her deals staggering. “You just play his cards properly,” he told us.

The big blows that successful Angélil for Celine Dion, who made it an impresario admired throughout the world, were not a matter of luck. He had a goal and a plan to reach it and never let off by the skepticism, if not rebuffs its partners.

His most crazy gamble is Las Vegas as Rene Angelil has won hands down. By negotiating simultaneously with Caesars Palace, MGM and Aladdin – has since become the Planet Hollywood – the permanent show A New Day, he hit the jackpot. He convinced the Caesars Palace Colosseum to build him a cost of about 100 million, for which he not only never paid rent, but it could raise the rent for the other tenant, S ir Elton John.

Caesars has even built at his own expense the home of the Lake Las Vegas Aladdin had proposed Angélil. Above all, this show that almost nobody believed profitable at the time marked the history of the capital of American Thurs.

But behind the poker player’s face imperturbable, René Angélil was a very sensitive man, a restless man who was planning everything in advance, Celine Dion told us the day after the premiere of his second show in Las Vegas in March 2011 .

“It’s hard at his age, I think. He wants so much that lacks nothing, his children and me. He worries all the time. He is afraid of not being there. I feel that he lives in the moment and so, if it receives a super interesting offer, he will offer me and it will work out for the sign alone. I am less worried, I’m younger. I always trusted. I think we’ll see. But to him, “we’ll see”, he is afraid of not seeing that. René is our guardian angel. ”

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