Republican nomination: a wall between the United States and Canada?

barriere-separation-israelienne-cisjordanieThe candidate for the republican nomination Scott Walker believes that the idea of erecting a wall between the United States and Canada is a legitimate question that deserves to be examined.

The republican candidates have the habit to take a hard line on illegal immigration, but they usually focus more on the southern border with Mexico.

During an interview on the television show Meet the Press, presented to the american network NBC, the governor of Wisconsin was asked if he wanted to build a wall to the north also.

According to Mr. Walker, the police in New Hampshire have mentioned this idea in a local assembly, and they have raised legitimate concerns. So, it is a serious issue that should be examined by the authorities, he added.

The border between the United States and Canada is the longest in the world, extending more than 8891 kilometres.

Alignment on trump

Billionaire Donald Trump has made himself the champion of the issue of illegal immigration in the race to the White House by promising including the construction of a wall standing at the southern border, including the costs would be entirely borne by Mexico. It is also committed to cease to grant american citizenship office to babies born in the United States, an idea which had been opened by Mr. Walker, before backing up.

The opinions of Mr. Trump, who throne still at the top of the polls of the primary, seem to have encouraged its rivals to advocate positions tougher on illegal immigration.

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