Republican Paul Ryan elected president of the House of Representatives

paul-ryan-gauche-succede-johnRepublican Paul Ryan was elected Thursday president of the US House of Representatives, becoming the new leader of the Congress and the main interlocutor of President Democrat Barack Obama until the end of his term.

Representatives elected Paul Ryan – who at age 45 became the youngest “Speaker” since 1869- with 236 votes, against 184 for the Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Nine of the 247 Republicans voted for the Conservative Daniel Webster. Paul Ryan succeeds John Boehner, forced to resign by the conservative wing of the Republican group.

His election must allow the Conservatives to move on from five years of civil war, and over a month of turmoil within the majority party.

Paul Ryan represents a Wisconsin district since his election in 1998. He was appointed Wednesday by the group to succeed John Boehner, who announced the end of September to the surprise that he intended to retire, yielding to pressure from the ‘ultra-conservative wing of the Republican party.

This faction slingers not contested the lack of conservatism, but the strategy in their accommodative of their leaders with Barack Obama, which has a veto power that vote against the Congress.

Paul Ryan, an ultra-liberal who was the running mate Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, is to regain the confidence of the Tea Party by democratizing institution’s management.

“This is the beginning of a new day in the House of Representatives,” said Paul Ryan Wednesday after being appointed by his colleagues. “We will move forward. We will unite us. ”

He is the “Mr. Budget” Republicans, author of several project budgets denounced by the Democrats for their austerity.

The outgoing House Speaker John Boehner, 65, delivered shortly before his farewell speech to Congress, where he was elected for the first time in 1990.

This Ohio bartender son who said he always worked since he was eight or nine years symbolized a generation more accustomed to politicians that newer elected to “get their hands dirty” by negotiating compromises with opponents Democrats.

Listing the accomplishments of the Republican majority since the reconquest of 2010, he made only one allusion diverted to the many crises that have marked the relationship with the White House about the budget.

“I’ve come to realize one thing: the battle over the size and role of the state has lasted for over 200 years. And the forces of the status quo put all their energy to prevent change. Real change takes time, “said John Boehner, who is moved easily in his public interventions. He had brought a box of tissues for the occasion.

And provide advice to his successor and intransigent Tea Party for whom he made no secret, in private, his contempt: “Freedom makes all things possible. But patience is what makes the real things. ”

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