Republican primary: quiet rise of Ben Carson

montee-ben-carson-sondages-jusquaBen Carson is as discreet as Donald Trump is extravagant, yet the surgeon retired caught him in the polls for the Republican presidential primaries in the United States. Another outsider top of the anti-establishment wave.

Benjamin Carson, 64, is the only African American in the race, and as billionaire Donald Trump, he has never exercised political mandate.

His rise in the polls, to snatch first place at the businessman in several opinion polls, was made like a slow tide, stunning observers and candidates who do not expect that this apathetic doctor and blundering, invisible in televised debates, a Republican deceive four.

His personal history is an ideal declination of the American dream. He grew up in the affected areas of Detroit and Boston, raised by an illiterate mother, married to 13, who drove her husband bigamist the house.

At 14, Ben Carson tried to stab a boy. If the knife blade had broken on the belt buckle of his target, the Republican often says he would probably be in jail instead of being a candidate for the White House, a story that leaves the audience speechless when he regularly tells conservative audiences.

“This is the last time I had a tantrum,” he stressed in June in Washington.

The young Ben was bad student, uncontrollable, a dirty character. But his mother with his brother the strength to read two books a week. The grades improve, Ben Carson became a student model is accepted as Fellow at Yale University, before medicine at the University of Michigan and join the great Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which he quickly runs the service Pediatric Neurosurgery.

He becomes one of eight black neurosurgeons around the world, he tells in a book in 2007.

Against the “politically correct”

The operation, which makes it famous in 1987 when he separates, assisted by a medical team of 70 people, two German Siamese twins aged seven months attached to the head, an intervention of 22 hours and a world first, because two babies survived.

George W. Bush granted him America’s highest civilian award in 2008, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His medical career is also the subject of a film in 2009, “The Golden Hands” (“Gifted Hands”), with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the role of doctor.

Ben Carson has written four books, spiritual or personal motivation, when he retired in 2013 to embark on the conservative circuit.

He became a highly sought speaker ultraconservative. On stage, he wears a thin smile, his gentle flow is punctuated with anecdotes, jokes, and excerpts from the Bible.

Still, it promotes compassion and returns to individual responsibility, a value that leads him to denounce the welfare state, which according to him purposely keeps people in poverty.

Despite his Church ways, Dr. Ben Carson grown “politically incorrect” and left many shocked by provocative statements about homosexuality, slavery, the Holocaust, the weapons, the incompatibility of Islam with the US Constitution …

In a speech in 2013 he said he wanted to “re-educate women” on abortion. This is also where he pronounces a sentence against him again about reform Obama health system: “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing to happen to this country since Slavery. And it is, in some ways, slavery, because it enslaves us all to the state, “he said, cheered.

His recent surge in the polls, especially in rural Iowa, was driven by its success with the evangelical base, where he beats the not-very pious Donald Trump. It has also responded by wondering aloud what this Church of Seventh-day Adventists, including Carson are loyal.

But as the billionaire Ben Carson takes advantage of the anti-establishment climate.

“I’m not a politician. I had no intention of becoming one. I’m just a normal man, “he reiterated on Sunday in yet another church in Tennessee, before thousands of people.

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