Research to find Isabelle Levesque revived

relancer-recherchesResearch to find Isabelle Levesque, this lady missing since January in Chicoutimi, have been revived. This time, two firefighters and a retired paramedic who decided to walk the banks of the Saguenay River, hoping to find answers to the relatives of the mother. Voluntary and voluntary initiative.

Isabelle Levesque has been seen for the last time on January 28, as she left the Chicoutimi hospital. She was hospitalized for depression. Research was conducted over the following days and divers from the Sûreté du Québec were called to the scene because footprints were discovered near the river, near the Marina de Chicoutimi.

This is also a firefighter Mario Gagnon who made the discovery. “I was involved in the early research when the family appealed to volunteers. I found these tracks, but we do not know if they were indeed those of Isabelle. There are two weeks, we have decided to start searches, since the snow began to melt, “explained Mario Gagnon, when reached Tuesday by The Daily. The trio of volunteers, which includes another firefighter Saguenay and a retired paramedic, searched the banks twice last week. The three men continued their work Tuesday and they will still be on site Wednesday.

“We would like to help the family. The wait and the fact of not knowing what could happen is probably very difficult to live, “said Mario Gagnon. The latter still required to inform the father of Isabelle Levesque of the situation.

“I would not want to do this research without the consent of the family. The father gave me the OK. I know that the situation is not easy for the family and I did not want to act against their will, “said the fireman.

So far, the research group of volunteers proved fruitless. The three men will however be back on the banks of the Saguenay River, near the Dubuc bridge Wednesday morning.

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