The restaurant will move Footprint on King West

andre-plante-danielRestaurant management Footprint took the decision to move on. The building that housed the trade on Marquette Street will not welcome here early, so we turned to another local.

Footprint, which was burned down in February, will move near the intersection of King and Alexander streets, near King Hall bar confirms Mélanie Alain, chef and co-owner.

“We needed a new local,” she said. “Where we were before on Marquette Street, it was impossible. Too much damage. Too many repairs to do. ”

“And then there is a delay on the issue of renewal of business license there. This could get only residential. We decided to break our lease. ”

Recall that on February 18, a fire heavily damaged the building housing the restaurant Footprint located at 425 Marquette Street to Sherbrooke. The restaurant opened its doors May 8, 2015.

Ms. Alain and his two associates, Daniel Charbonneau chef and sommelier André Plante, aim an opening on King West in June. The owner of the premises is doing renovations. Guests will feel at home in it having, adds Alain.

“We will be located in the same area in the background, she pleads. It’s not far from our old location. ”

“We will do something beautiful even though for us it is more happening on the plate and in the decoration.”

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