Resuming a Volkswagen: less easy or not?

Following the scandal, the pros are they trying to buy cheaply Volkswagen affected by the cheating? Survey in competition … and VW!

Interested in buying a new vehicle, we make turns visiting Citroën, Ford, Peugeot, Renault and VW. Each time, our goal is the same: to know what they will propose recovery for our Tiguan 2.0 TDI (knowing that it is indeed equipped with the famous cheat software). Will the sellers “surf” the VW scandal to try us “twist”?
Five manufacturers passed on the grill

Citroën careful and stingy

“The VW case? We are not immune that our brand as we cover this stuff. “It is prudent for Citroën! But generous side, this is the worst of the five tenders. “I take your Tiguan € 14,000, plus € 5,500 discount on the price of the C4 Picasso.” Nah, that’s just the official promo (October).

Ford: you never know
At Ford, we do not shoot at the ambulance VW: “We are safe from anything, who knows if in a year or two …” The takeover offer amounts to € 15,500 in the average found in this investigation. “And I make you a discount of € 2,900 on the Kuga.” Still, Ford promises – € 4,710 in October on his website …

Peugeot: a little bite
And the VW case that said the Lion? “All I know is we was clean hands.” Paf! The recovery of our self is barely better than here at Citroen: € 14 185 (“it is his score minus 15% fee”). But with an effort of € 4,857 on 3008, it is rather strong.

Renault: nothing to report
Here, we do not think much of this whole story. OK, let’s talk about big money. “No problem to catch your Tiguan. You’re offering € 14,800. “Bad. A nice gesture on the price of Kadjar then? “No, not off on a novelty. At best, I offer you the registration card. “Oh, the stingy!

And at Volkswagen?

VW, one is on his toes: “In the network, there is nothing to do with this story, but we will fight to earn our customers’ trust again.” Yet, with a recovery to € 16,000 and a discount of € 3,500, the battle is not played financially!
Result: nothing unusual!

Solidarity with their colleagues or fear of a backlash? No competitor roundly on Volkswagen. As for the attractiveness second hand diesel of the German mark, it seems not (yet?) Have suffered from the scandal, contrary to some reports suggest read here or there.

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