A rewarding experience for Victor Verreault

-victor-verreaultVictor Verreault had a very rewarding experience by participating in mountain bike races in Switzerland and Germany.

The cyclist Saint-Félicien was invited by the Canadian junior team to participate in a development camp in March. It started in Victoria BC where he joined the members of his team for a two-week development camp. He participated in a junior race. He finished in 6th place and 1st among athletes first year in this category.

The experience culminated with two races in Europe. “It’s really something else! The courses are very difficult, it looks like what is in the World Cup at Mont-Saint-Anne. We all made the jump, we did not think it would be too technical. In addition, it is very demanding because it takes up long coastline. It’s been difficult, but it is a very rewarding experience, “said the 16-year-old.

He was very surprised by the number of riders who took the start of the tests. “We were 180 initially. That’s a lot of people. Size is very tough. There are riders from all over Europe and even Sweden. The start is very important. It must be positioned because it is difficult to overcome later, “he mentioned.

Its race in Switzerland went wrong because he suffered a puncture on lap 3. Time to run to the feeding zone made him lose precious places. He went from 30th to 110th spot.

He returned to Germany when he finished 33rd. A very encouraging for this ranking athlete who is in his first year junior. Last year, he won the Canadian title in cadets. He thinks that this camp is going to benefit. “This is a unique chance to get better prepared than other early season. Especially the stroke of Mont-Tremblant in a month will be important. The first will be selected for the World Championships. I will do everything to finish first even though I know it will be difficult, “he said.

Lucid, he knows it will be difficult to compete with some runners 2nd year this season. By cons, he thinks that podiums will be within reach. Over the next races, they continue to train and hope that the snow will eventually melt.

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