Richard Leclerc appears to Cafetier

publicitaire-richard-leclerc-expose-presentement(Sutton) is known Suttonnais Richard Leclerc for his involvement in a multitude of causes and events. What we know less is the quantity – and quality – of advertising campaigns he created during his career. The bistro Cafetier Sutton has, this month, some of the posters that made creative director’s reputation.

This is not the first artistic presence of Richard Leclerc at Cafetier. There has already presented two photo exhibitions here and abroad. It was precisely in preparation for its third exhibition, scheduled for December, when his plans changed.

Due to a combination of circumstances, cafe owners have instead offered to decorate the walls of their trade throughout the month of August. The pictures were not ready, but the idea posters came quickly to mind.

“There was a great opportunity, he said. I looked around me in my office, and I had a good start! “Some were framed, others simply rolled in his attic. “I have emerged, directing my choice to lifestyle advertising because now is what defines me best.”

A turning point

In 1986, Richard Leclerc has made the advertising campaign highlighting the 25th anniversary of Amnesty International organization. This contract, he says, was a turning point in his career. “That’s when I realized that the advertising could also be used for good causes, to change things.”

The curious who stop to discover Cafetier 25 posters, including that of Hergé \ Tintin designed with Gérard Dansereau, winner of a Golden Rooster in 1988 Poster for Vittorio Crafts Fair in 2000 , and another of Dansereau why Richard Leclerc won a prize in 1999 for his slogan “Crafts to live!”.

Copies of these three images are also available at a cost of $ 25 to help the rest of Maison Gilles-Carle, whose Richard Leclerc is the vice president.

“I work in Montreal, Quebec and abroad, but few people know what I do. This exhibition is a way for me to express my production. These are all images that have meaning for me, “says co-founder Publici-Terre.

The exhibition runs until 31 August.

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