Richard Martel motivated 150 percent

-martel-retrouveFor the first time since the winter of 2011, Richard Martel will be behind the bench of a hockey team in the region on Friday. The hockey man was confirmed as head coach of the Marquis of Jonquiere of the North American League for the rest of the playoffs. If he wishes, he could be back next season.

Behind 1-3 in their semifinal series against the Sorel-Tracy Blackhawks, the Jonquiérois however, are in a precarious position. The reign of Martel could therefore last one game.

“In this situation, one must have the experience and I, assured Richard Martel. The key is to get it right. There is not much time, but it’ll be interesting. Certainly, as soon as I said yes, motivation has risen 150 percent. It’s over, I’m in hockey mode.

“We walk on a wire, it is leaning against the wall and these are situations that I do not hate. It did not scare me and I have always been a challenge guys. We will arrange to transfer the series of edges. ”

The chicoutimien coach did not hide that lead back to his home region made him a little something.

“The fun part about it is that I head home, in my region, he responded. For me it is priceless. This is not an unfamiliar to me, I know the jonquiérois supporters and I know how is the Sports Palace when filled. That’s the advantage I have.

“I also felt a lot of enthusiasm from supporters in the last days and it warms my heart.”

Champions of the regular season, the Marquis did not play up to the expectations of supporters and CEO Marc Boivin. The dismissal of the duo Breault (Francis and Jocelyn) on Monday surprised many.

“With the gesture of Mark, I think it shook the team, noted Richard Martel. There was an examination of conscience on the part of players and now we’ll put our two cents in there. I will not tell you what I’ll do, but it takes someone who is able to communicate well and must immediately take matters in hand. Players have a maturity, which resulted in adjustments and instructions will be followed to the letter. ”

Regarding his possible return to the Marquis next season, Martel did not want to move, preferring to wait to live his baptism in the North American League before seeing further.

“It depends on my ” feeling ” as it will be the first time I touch this level of play, put into context the 55 years. This is a level that is continually improving. He makes good things and there are other aspects where there is room for improvement. There is a market for former major junior players who want to continue their hockey career, so it’s an interesting aspect. ”

Richard Martel has spent the last three years in Europe. After two seasons in Sweden. he finished the 2014-2015 season in the Ligue Magnus in France, with Wolves Burners Grenoble. He was fired March 27, 2015, after asking one of his players to attack the opposing goalkeeper during a match of the series. The French Federation of ice hockey had then suspended eight months, two of which were suspended.

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