Richmond changed in a war zone

vingtaine-soldats-compagnieRichmond became the theater of a war scene in the last three days when 70 soldiers, including 50 of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers, landed there to train to conduct the battles of the 21st century.

Far from being holed up in a Saturday field, the armed forces were more inside the pavilion 1 of the School Springboard, where limited space harbored hundreds of hiding places for as many potential enemies, but also civilians. Hence the importance of well prepared.

“This is the culmination of the preparatory training in urban areas. Called the building cleaning to ensure that the parts are identified in all the buildings. It involves various maneuvers and different techniques that are different from the combat campaign, “noted Major André Morin, commander of A Company of the Fusiliers de Sherbrooke.

Because the armed struggle has become enormously over the years and the military face enemies that no longer necessarily struggling under the official banner of a country.

“You have to repeat the exercises. More than we practice, the more it becomes instinctive, and it reduces stress. “

“Today the trench wars are much less likely than in the First World War, or in the Second. The fighting, seen with what happened in Afghanistan among others, occur in urban areas, and the enemies are found in buildings such as schools or others. ”

“With paintballs powered by gunpowder, we will not be reaching twice and stress that’s involved, you get to see if we are able to respond appropriately to situations. We must repeat the exercises. That the most practical, it becomes instinctive and it thus reduces stress, “explained turns Corporal Olivier Vincent and the soldier Martin Bergeron, Fusiliers.

” Code of ethics “

In a way, the objective of the training is no stranger to the briefings that the riflemen of Sherbrooke, the 35th Signal Regiment, 52nd ambulance Campaign and Hussars Sherbrooke give the armory located opposite Hotel Times on Belvedere Street, 19: 30 pm every Tuesday. It is important to break certain myths by Hollywood movies, says Major Morin.

“We have a code of ethics and we always try to do the least possible damage, use the minimum force to achieve our goals. It is important to distinguish targets, to use only the necessary force to control a person considered hostile without injuring, or at least as little as possible. It’s part of the commitment procedures during training. ”

“The urban warfare requires paying greater attention to all dimensions. You really have to be conscious of the environment. We see many things in movies, the way people interact or entry procedures. For film is good, but often the concepts are not working. It is a counterculture that must break through training for the guys get used to the real procedures. For example, the stereotype of the soldier back to the door, his gun pointed ver the ground and that will turn up the weapon, these are things where you lose fractions of a second can be critical. If the other is ready before you … you got lost. ”

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