Rigged cars: 2.1 million Audi also

audiThe car manufacturer Audi announced Monday that 2.1 million of its vehicles had been equipped with software for truqueur invalidate the results of emission tests set up by its parent company Volkswagen.

About 1.4 million vehicles are affected in Western Europe, including 577,000 in Germany alone, and fraud affects 13,000 cars in the United States, confirmed a spokesman for Audi AFP.

The rigged engines affect many models in the range: A1 sedan, A3, A4 and A6, TT sports and urban 4×4 Q3 and Q5.

Volkswagen scandal last week acknowledging having equipped 11 million more vehicles of its brands in the world to cheat on pollution controls.

The scandal, for which Volkswagen incurs $ 18 billion (€ 16 million) in fines in the United States also continues to make waves Monday. Volkswagen has been advised as early as 2007 by the Bosch supplier of the illegality of its device, according to new revelations in the German press this weekend.

After losing 34% last week, the action Volkswagen plunged again Monday. Around 1030 GMT, the title let go 5.87% to 101.00 euros.

The German authorities required the automaker Volkswagen said it before October 7 how he intends to national environmental standards its diesel models.

On Friday, the global auto giant has appointed a new boss Matthias Müller, the head of his brand of Porsche sports cars, in an attempt to overcome this crisis.

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