Risk of Green Christmas

mont-saint-bruno-rares-endroitsDecember 21. No snow on the ground. The question on everyone’s lips. Christmas there will be white? No. Christmas will be green, and it will rain, according to Environment Canada. “If you look at the forecast for Montreal, the chances of having a white Christmas are pretty slim,” recognizes the meteorologist Simon Legault. Only hope, he said: the magic of Christmas can still book a surprise.

1-2 CM

Since the beginning of winter, Montreal has been allowed only one or two small centimeters of snow. The flakes had a short life since disappeared upon contact with the ground.


The last was in 2006. Green Christmas “Green Christmases are not exceptional, which is is practically not having yet had snow on that date,” says Legault.


“With an average of 3.2 ° C in December, the hotter it is on track to beat the monthly record in December,” says Legault.

12 ° C

Thursday, Environment Canada forecasts that mercury could reach 12 ° C. The December 24, 1957, it had 8.3 ° C in Montreal. Enjoy the mild weather, the mercury should plunge from 26 December issue to remind us that we are indeed in winter.

December 15th

Even if there is no snow yet, drivers must have winter tires installed on their car since December 15. The offender may be fined $ 200 to $ 300, but it does not cumulate demerit points.


Warm weather was also recorded in the Arctic, where the mercury has exceeded 1.3 ° C. These are the highest temperatures in 115 years.


This is the total number of open ski slopes in six of the main ski resorts in Quebec.

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