Road exit in Saint-Gilles: the seriously injured driver

voiture-renversee-tres-bien-dissimulee(Quebec) A 35 year old man was seriously injured Wednesday night in a motor vehicle collision on Route 218, near the intersection of South Branch in Saint-Gilles de Lotbinière.

For still unknown reasons, the man lost control of his vehicle in a curve, and finished his course in a wooded. All this happened under the eyes of a witness.

Fortunately, the latter was present elsewhere because the overturned car was very well hidden by trees. The man would have been able to get caught in his car for hours without relief are brought to him.

It is not life threatening, but the driver still been transferred to the Child Jesus Hospital to treat serious injuries.

Ann Mathieu, spokesperson for the SQ says that unease could have caused the accident. “Alcohol is not the issue,” she added.

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