Robert-Boyd Street will be extended

projet-prolongementMunicipal officials approved the extension project of the Robert Boyd Street to make available new land in the industrial park. The extension of a length of 900 meters will also provide an interesting window on Highway 10.

The project requires an investment of $ 1.9 million, excluding the cost of paving and lighting, and will develop approximately 245,000 additional square meters of industrial land.

“We often had the industries that came to see us, but since there was no way, it was not interesting to them. It was hard to convince them that the road would be built on arrival, so we decided to make the streets and infrastructure for them to be there when the industries are ready to settle. We are negotiating with several companies, “says Caroline Gravel, Director of the service of urban infrastructure and the environment in the City of Sherbrooke.

At the moment, 95% of the land concerned by the works owned by the City. The cost of the work will be included in the sale price of the land. Other riparian owners, who will have to bear part of the jobs bill, will be notified. “It remains to make calculations based on the exact route of the street. “The owner of a trade Industrial Boulevard has been identified as a coastal front to pay some of the bill.

Councillor Marc Denault was concerned framing industries that buy the land along Highway 10. “In the sector of the industrial park, we removed the site plan and architectural integration to gain speed to license. How will we manage the architecture along the highway to avoid storage problems, among others? We must not forget that once the land sold and constructed, it is more difficult to force the changes. ”

The Deputy Director General René Allaire said that since the City sells land, it can set its conditions.

According to Caroline Gravel, the price of land having a storefront on highway 10 is not higher than other land in the industrial park.

Work should start in June and be completed in July. A tender will be launched shortly.

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