Robert Dutil is pleased to support the development of organic agriculture in Beauce-Sud

developpement-de-lagriculture-biologique-robert-duti-beauce-sud-001-620x348The Member for Beauce-Sud, Mr. Robert Dutil, welcomes the commitment of nine million dollars of his government in organic agriculture.
The government has indicated its commitment to encourage the development of this mode of production, by the establishment of new organic sector growth strategy that will allow businesses to take full advantage of the development potential offered by organic production and its markets.
A financial support that can reach 20 000 per company will be available to businesses starting up their activities, those being converted, as well as those already engaged in organic production. This financial assistance, granted in the framework of the Support Programme for the conversion to organic farming will support the increase in the supply of organic products.
The government is adding up to 85% consulting services for companies covered by the Strategy, which represents assistance totaling $ 2.8 million over a period of 3 years. Financial assistance will also be paid, through the Prime-Vert program to companies already engaged in organic production or are in the process of doing, to recognize and support initiatives related to organic farming.
A sum of 550,000 dollars will be paid to the Institute for Research and Development in Agri-Environment (IRDA) for the development of applied research on organic crop production. This initiative will provide concrete solutions to the agronomic and technical problems faced by producers.
“Organic products meet the growing consumer demand for quality food, fresh, differentiated and their health concerns, healthy eating, environmental protection, animal welfare and local supply. The organic sector is undoubtedly economic vitality carrier for our regions. It is a guarantee of prosperity for our new agriculture and this is a great for our region, “said Robert Dutil.
Budget Renewal agricultural exhibitions
The Member for Beauce-Sud, Mr. Robert Dutil, is very pleased with the renewal of the Financial support program for agricultural exhibitions for the year 2015-2016 announced by the government. Under this program, financial assistance totaling $ 1.7 million will be devoted to the influence of Quebec’s agri-food sector.
“Agricultural shows are an exceptional showcase for local products and also promote reconciliations between the agricultural world and consumers. I invite the Beauce-Sud to come meet these producers passionate about their work and note their expertise and their capacity for innovation, “says Robert Dutil.
More than thirty regional agricultural exhibitions, including the Agricultural Exhibition Beauce Inc. of Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley, will receive support for the organization of their activities highlighting Québec agriculture, Farmers and regional products. The contest of animals judgment also possible to recognize the excellence of Quebec producers, particularly in terms of genetic improvement.
Note that agricultural exhibitions welcome nearly a million visitors each summer, and in all regions of Quebec. The economic benefits they generate are estimated at over 61 million annually.

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