Robidoux Julie Taillon found again

julie-robidoux-taillonHaving left home there are now seven days, the young Magogoise Robidoux Julie Taillon should be back in the very short term region.

Robidoux Julie Taillon had disappeared on 13 April. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had localized the first time in the town of Souris, Prince Edward Island on Monday night.

After issuance of a warrant Tuesday the RCMP again intercepted the girl and entrusted to social services of Prince Edward Island.

Robidoux Julie Taillon had left home after an argument. She was with a friend and it is not feared for her safety when she was located by RCMP Monday evening.

Aged 16, Robidoux Julie Taillon would have spoken on the phone with his mother Monday. The Directorate of Youth Protection has received the file.

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