RT dismissed employees: union prepares response

membres-syndicatThe Union of Electrical energy northern workers (STEEN) will defend tooth and nail the three members recently dismissed by Rio Tinto (RT) following an investigation for alleged fraud. At a general meeting on Thursday night in Alma, union members voted unanimously in favor of monetary policy support to help the three workers.

“They were fired. They no longer have to pay. The workers have been affected by their history. It is for this reason that the vote was unanimous to help monetarily three workers, “confirmed the union’s president, Patrice Girard, who would not disclose the extent of the financial aid.

Grievances against these dismissals were filed. The union is now awaiting a return to the company before continuing disputes approaches.

“We made our efforts. We are waiting for a return of the employer to know their lawyer. But one thing is certain, we will fight to the end for our members, “said Mr Girard.

It would not comment further on the nature of the alleged acts to avoid compromising their cause. “We do not want our information to serve the company. So I prefer not to talk about the nature of events, “said the president of the union, affiliated with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Rio Tinto, remember, fired eight workers at the beginning of March, in the follow-up investigation on the relationship between the former Industrial services provider HPL and some framework and unionized employees. According to reports, some employees would have received personal benefits from business relationships between the supplier and Rio Tinto. A practice that was against Rio Tinto’s policies regarding the management of contracts with suppliers.

“The guys are nervous on the floor. We make orders, as usual, but it is not clear how the company can come back against us. The guys who have been laid off, have nothing to apologize for. Everyone remains on guard, “said one worker, met on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

Besides the three Electric Power workers, members of the Union of Alma’s aluminum workers were also dismissed. For now, no common strategy between the unions have been developed. “These are issues that can also defend themselves individually,” dropped the union president.

Executives have also lost their jobs in the wake of this case.

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