Russel-Aurore Bouchard unleashed against the registry

russel-aurore-bouchardThe register firearms that wants to implement the Government of Quebec is based on two false premises completely, argues historian Russel-Aurore Bouchard, in memory written in anticipation of the parliamentary committee on law 64 she released Wednesday .

In the first chapter, it attacks the suicide rate, according to data compiled by sociologist Charles Côté, has not declined since the adoption of the deceased Federal Register in 1995, but has instead continued to increase.

“It is true that, according to statistics, there has been some weakening in early 2000. But it is because of a directive sent to the coroner changed the criteria of a suicide,” cited Ms. Bouchard before the Saguenay Press Club.

Thus, she illustrates the fact of shooting himself in the head, clinging to a rope or emptying a bottle of pills is not enough to determine that there has indeed been suicide. The approach and intend to die are added, making it, according to the historian, once listed several suicides not fall into this category though, in all likelihood, the person has indeed posed the ultimate gesture.

“This change therefore had the effect of bringing to account of the incidental mortality of genuine suicide, claiming that the suicide had not shown sufficiently explicit in its intention to kill himself before asking his fatal act; or to assimilate to cases of death due to disease, arguing that the suicide was too mentally disturbed to be held accountable, “wrote Ms. Bouchard in his memory, quoting Charles Cote.

Unleashed repeatedly Russel-Aurora, who promised to die boots feet even if they are now in high heels, made unturned to denounce the government’s intention. She attacked the powerful feminist lobby, claiming loudly that it not only does not belong, but it was against because it is a radical movement and the political class in full force that no longer represents the interests of voters, but only serves as a government serving Montreal. That is why, moreover, it has given up submitting his candidacy for the election in Chicoutimi, as she had suggested initially.

“I will not condone this Parliament that attempts to annihilate the founding people of Quebec, and that is also why I will cancel my ballot,” she said, refusing to be seduced by about liberal candidate Francyne T. Gobeil, who suggested she might vote against the registry if elected.

“She is going to crash an election sign,” ruled the historian, just before the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard announced that he will refuse the free vote in his deputation (see other article).


On the 1989 drama Polytechnique, which is spearheading several proponents of the registry, Ms. Bouchard recalls the conclusions of coroner lingered more on the slow police response to explain the extent of the carnage that by the type of weapon used.

Furthermore, pressure from the police to register the implant take more, she says, the totalitarian drift aimed at disarming the founding people who, if there is one, is yet the most peaceful of Canada. To illustrate “wandering” of the authorities about it, Russel-Aurore Bouchard said that the register does not apply to aboriginal nations, which also can purchase weapons without following training courses, so that they are particularly affected by violence.

According to Ms. Bouchard, invoke marking a weapon to protect the police is nonsense, as demonstrated by the sad event of Lac-Simon where a police officer was shot even though he knew that there were several weapons inside the residence. “In these indigenous communities, where violence against women and children squarely within the epidemic, will we extend the arm of the law 64 and require the registration of long guns? To ask the question is to answer it. ”

Historian promises never to submit to register if ever Quebec adopts. Instead, it will sell its weapons at a loss, as it did in 1995. It also argues that many hunters acquire weapons and ammunition in other Canadian provinces since a Quebec registry haunts the news, and that they are promise to never save Quebec.

Couillard will not allow a free vote

(Canadian Press) – The government will not allow the free vote of its members for creating the future registry of firearms, said the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard Wednesday.

This is not a case of conscience, ruled the Liberal leader to close the debate and close ranks in his army. In recent months, opposition to the fire arms registry project has grown, especially among hunters and collectors who demonstrated and lobbied Liberal, but PQ.

However, the Liberals elected will ultimately accede to the government’s position that wants to pass his bill, suggested Mr. Couillard, for which a free vote on this issue would be inappropriate. The party line will be imposed.

“The free vote is reserved for outstanding issues,” he said in a scrum before going to the meeting of the Liberal caucus.

“We remember the law on end of life care, he spoke by example. They really are moral issues, very deep, very personal, where spiritual or religious issues also come into play. I think it was quite appropriate to a free vote on similar issues (end of life care ), but not on public policy issues. ”

Bill 64 on registration of firearms was filed, consultations begin next Wednesday, but the Prime Minister so determined immediately register the fate of the future.

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