Russia increasingly criticized for its military intervention

1068712On November 29, the clients of a public market in northern Syria were taken aback by a missile attack. Within a short time, the bustling main street of Ariha turned into carnage, while burning cars and victims screamed in horror.

At least 34 civilians were killed in the offensive, which was conducted by Russians, according to activists. And according to the Syrian opposition and activists, it’s not the only attack on civilians perpetrated by Moscow since the beginning of his formal military intervention, there are nearly three months.

The Russian authorities have always denied the allegations, while residents and activists recognize that they can not prove with certainty that the Russians are indeed behind these operations.

Rights groups of people, however, suggested that Russia, by attacking the people, violates international law and the charges could amount to war crimes, they said.

In a report released Monday, Amnesty International announced that it had “documented evidence” that the Russian army had used cluster munitions and unguided bombs in residential areas.

The spokesman of Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov rejected accusations of Amnesty, which boils of “falsehoods and clichés.” He said the group was based on information provided by the militants that he could not verify or prove.

He particularly criticized the idea that Russia was targeting areas that are not populated by extremist militants.

“Jihadists in Syria are operating in highly mobile units. They use Toyota trucks with high caliber weapons mounted on it. Each of these vehicles is considered a tactical unit and represents a legitimate military target, “he said.

The investigation Amnesty reported six attacks in the provinces of Homs, Idlib and Aleppo between September and November, which would have cost the lives of at least 200 civilians. The group would have photos and videos to prove his statements.

This report followed similar allegations made by Human Rights Watch last week. According to the New York agency, cluster munitions have been used in at least 20 occasions since the beginning of the Russian offensive.

Mr Konashenkov also denied that Russia had used cluster munitions.

Attacks near the capital

In addition, the Syrian government has attacked Wednesday in a rebel stronghold near the capital, in the city of Mouadamiyeh. Gunfire resounded while helicopters were dropping barrels of explosives.

This area would also have been the target of an attack with chemical weapons, the day before, according to activists. Five people, including one civilian reportedly died from suffocation Tuesday night. Chemical etching could not be confirmed by other sources.

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