Russian aircraft shot down: Erdogan would have “preferred that this does not happen”

russie-aussi-importante-pourTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was “saddened” Saturday by the serious air incident that pitted earlier in the week Turkey and Russia on the Syrian border, saying it would have “preferred that this does not happen “.

“I’m really saddened by this incident. We would have preferred that this does not happen, but it happened, “said the head of the Turkish state in a speech in Burhaniye.

“I hope that something like that will not happen again,” he said.

Relations between Ankara and Moscow through a serious crisis for the Turkish Air Force shot down on Tuesday a Russian bomber near its border with Syria.

The Turks claim that the aircraft was flying in their airspace and claim to have repeatedly respondent about to turn around before opening fire. The Russians provide instead that the Su-24 remained permanently in the Syrian sky and he was never contacted by the Turkish Air Force before being killed.

Moscow announced prepare economic retaliation against Ankara and decided to restore from January 1 visas for Turks wishing to visit Russia.

In retaliation, the Turkish authorities have recommended their citizens Saturday to avoid non-urgent trip to Russia “until the situation becomes clearer.”

“Russia is as important for Turkey as Turkey is for Russia. The two countries can not afford to do without one another, “said Erdogan on Saturday soothingly.

The Turkish president also reiterated his desire to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Paris on Monday on the sidelines of the international climate summit.

“Do not let the problem escalate to the point where our relationship would be completely destroyed,” urged Erdogan. “The summit (climate) could be an opportunity to restore our relations,” he said.

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