Safia Nolin and Les Boulay sisters resume a song by Marie Carmen

safia-nolinThe name of Safia Nolin seems to be on everyone’s lips this fall.
After much attention during his visit to the ADISQ, the artist who has just unveiled a brand new EP of covers of Quebec songs to agree to sing a duet with the sisters at a Boulay Here brief visit to Music.
The trio has chosen to tackle the song between the shadow and light of Marie Carmen.

“Being bad singer songwriter is also making entertainment, it is also to be on the peak, fine funny worse for the public, even if sometimes we not feele. This is undoubtedly much worse feeling like poop worse as a bottomless void frequently, without talking to the kodaks. That song is not the bullshit, this perfo then this is not the phoney, “says Les Boulay sisters on their Facebook page.
“Every word you can be sure that the feele worse that knows exactly what it does, what if this is why we often feels alone, too bad we get older, to make perfos well, well it will have been enough because it has rarely been so proud, our friend Safia worse Nolin us, “they write.
Since the beginning of the media saga surrounding Nolin Safia, Boulay The sisters have always supported openly their friend, making this performance even more revealing.

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