Sags: the swan song of 20 years

marque-deux-foisWhenever a team Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is eliminated, the career of players 20 years to complete. The three representatives of Sags have not had the longest passages in Saguenay, but they retain only the positive.

Landon Schiller was the most experienced of the group, who made his place last year as a guest player. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity I got. We really had a good group of players and it was an honor to wear the uniform of Chicoutimi, “telling the striker that Ontario will continue his career in the college ranks with Ryerson besides studying finance.

“We’re proud of what we achieved this season. In the playoffs, everyone raised his game a notch. We were well prepared, the desire was there. The guys left everything “to ensure Landon Schiller.

“I was really well received. I just wanted to help the team as best I could, “for its part, Taylor told Cooper that was brought with the Sags as a free agent in January after playing in the WHL. In his mind, Chicoutimi is a great hockey town. “I really felt welcomed even though I do not speak much French,” to launch a joke Cooper who finished first in the series Sags markers with four goals.

“It’s hard (it ends). I met so many good people, but it’s hockey. There is only one winner. It is not us, but we left everything on the ice, “let Taylor know Cooper.

The defender Elijah Berube was acquired for the holiday season in the deal that sent Gabryel Boudreau in Gatineau. While his former team continues its course, he loved his time with the Sags.

“I was not expecting anything, but I can say I was pleasantly surprised. I arrived with a good attitude, but guys, how they worked and the team chemistry is something I will never forget. With the welcome I received, I feel to have played here even longer, “dropping Berube will evolve next year under the command of Chicoutimien Marc-Etienne Hubert with the Patriots ‘Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres. Before you think about this new challenge, it will take a few days to digest elimination and the end of his junior career.

“We have believed. Throughout the season, we never gave up, noting Elijah Bérubé. We gave everything and tried everything. That is what is important to remember. ”

Screaming Eagles a first since 2009

If the scarcity of Sags series now has one more year, the Screaming Eagles is now history. The formation of Nova Scotia yesterday savored a first playoff victory since 2009.

Head coach of the Screaming Eagles, Marc-Andre Dumont, besides dedicating the evening to loyal followers. “They went through all this with us and tonight they were unbelievable,” said he dropped, saying do not be surprised by rising Sags third which increased the pace when it was the opposite for its troopers. In the end, he felt that his experience made the difference in this game, but also in the series and all this without the Captain Clark Bishop, hurt.

“It was easier to lead 5-4, which is definitely a good sign,” emphasized Marc-Andre Dumont who did not feel any extra pressure because of the scarcity of the series as a team.

“Neither I nor the current players are not responsible for this situation. Last year, we went to a game of eliminating the team that hosted the MasterCard Memorial Cup. We had a club of 18 and we fought. We lost seven, but we went for the experience, even if it was not the first goal which was to win. We were aware that it had been many years, but for us it is now and we are not responsible, “noted coach Screaming Eagles whose training now meeting with the Saint John Sea Dogs .

Without exaggeration it is possible to draw a parallel between this season and Sags Screaming Eagles last year. Marc-Andre Dumont did not need to force himself to praising the “exceptional work of reconstruction” Yanick Jean.

“It’s just a year and a half in office that already and we feel an identity that is grown. What is important in a reconstruction, it’s not a watch, but to have a compass and go in the right direction. From the outside, I see Yanick Jean is in the right direction, “he boasted.

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