Saint-Roch: The AgiteE disappears, the Anti reborn

1030795-homme-affaires-jay-manek-producteur(Quebec) The formerly occupied by the co-bar AgitéE the building on Dorchester Street will not be left vacant for long. Bought by the businessman Jay Manek and producer Karl Emmanuel Picard, the bar doubled auditorium will rise again on July 15 under the name of Anti which recalls another auditorium that had known of sunny days in the capital.

Manek, owner of the Exo store on St. Joseph, and Picard, owner of District 7 Productions, have become buyers of all AgitéE equipment and the building that housed the coop bar.

“I had the Anti between 2001 and 2008 and had never managed to get a liquor license. Things went well at first when our customer was 14-15 Shows all ages. But when these young people had 19, they stopped coming to the Anti “says Manek about the deceased auditorium of the coast of Abraham.

“I admit that when we closed the Anti, I missed a lot. Now we can continue to do what we do for a long time, that is to say, support local bands and produce shows, “he continues.

Same roots

“We want to keep the same roots as the AgitéE” continues Picard, suggesting that the more marginal music would be preferred. The two new investors intend to use the three floors of the building, transforming upstairs lounge section with disc jockey and basement entertainment area with, for example, pinball.

Picard knows that the entertainment industry is experiencing difficult times in Quebec these days. “However, with a capacity of 175 seats, we feel this is reasonable, because the groups do not attract as much at the time of the Anti. For some shows, like Silverstein, we’ll just two evenings, “he explains.

The producer knows what he’s talking as live entertainment since he was 13 years … his first contract had just been to the old Anti. “We attracted about 500 people for local groups Pressure, Still My Queen and Each On Set” recalls one who will also continue to produce shows in other rooms in Quebec and elsewhere.


The new Anti retain the same formula for at least five months. For what happens next, the owners have in mind several projects they refuse to reveal for now. “One thing is certain, we want to work with organizations such as the Summer Festival and the Festival Off to offer them our room. We want it to be open to everyone. ”

The duo did not hate that some transient groups in larger Quebec theaters use Anti surprises to hold shows or “DJ sets.” “This is something we would like to develop,” says Karl-Emmanuel Picard.

Launched in 2006, the solidarity cooperative’s financial difficulties AgitéE lived for several months. A country sociofinancement having raised the sum of $ 10,000 was not sufficient to ensure the company’s survival and the members decided in March to end the project.

Several shows on the agenda

Anti resume service quickly. Indeed, Karl Emmanuel Picard told the Sun that many shows are already on the agenda. In the coming months we will therefore see Noisem, Madchild, Revocation, Unearth, Silverstein, Dance Laury Dance, Mute, Caravan, The Hunters, Jah & I Metalord and Midnight Romeo, among others. The exact dates of the concerts will be disclosed shortly.

With Nicolas Houle

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