Saint-Tite-des-Caps: blasts begun despite protesters

municipalite-saint-tite-caps(Quebec) Some citizens, politicians and activists have held Monday for nearly three one portion of Caps de Charlevoix Trail located within the perimeter security of the new career of Jacques Dufour Business and Son in order to prevent early operation. However dynamiting began in the late afternoon after the protesters had left the area at the request of the police.

“The police came there and threatened to impose fines. After an hour of discussion, we finally decided to leave around 4:15 p.m.. Immediately after our departure, the company began blasting “says the mayor of Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Magella Pichette, who was part of the quarantine demonstrators.

Now supported by the Coalition for Quebec to have a better appearance, the municipalities of Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Petite-Rivière-Saint-François and the RCM of Côte-de-Beaupré are opposed to the project for several months of career in this sector.


“There in the quarry security perimeter an area of ​​approximately 400 meters of the trail which is one of the finest in North America and is visited by 14,000 hikers a year. This sector is asked to evacuate when there are blasts, that is to say, once every two weeks, “explains Dominique Bernier, spokesperson of the Coalition.

The problem would come among others from the fact that this is a 52 km trail for hiking with long-term camping. “It is unworkable because it is impossible to know at all times where each hiker is located,” she goes on to mention also the access issues, the environment and drinking water, as the Lake Saint-Tite used water reserve to the municipality of Beaupré, is also in the scope.


“We firmly believe that the Ministry of Environment should use his discretion to relocate career. The developer would even be open to be relocated out of the tourist and recreational zone “, claims Ms. Bernier.

For its part, Magella Pichette emphasizes that a lawyer was hired to continue the fight. “The owner refused to give the career plans and details of the approval certificates issued by the Ministry. We request since July under the Access to Information Act, but we have still not the hands. ”

The mayor, however, said to have more against the Quebec government as against the company that operates the quarry. “It is the government that we blame for having given them a permit to $ 5,000 a year for 10 years and renewable than that,” he concludes.

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