Saint-Tite-des-Caps: The reborn Blu Station

homme-affaires-yanick-guillemette-president(Quebec) The Nordic baths Blü Station of Saint-Tite-des-Caps, will rise from the ashes. The businessman Yanick Guillemette, President and Founder of Guillemette Properties, intends to invest $ 5 million to revive the company, The Sun has learned.

If all goes as planned, the doors of the station should be reopened to visitors by November.

Love with the place, Mr. Guillemette, who wishes to preserve the vocation of the place, had already benefited from Nordic baths more than once before learning site closure in March after four years of activity. The former owner was forced to declare bankruptcy.

“We are really happy. It’s been six months that we negotiated, says the businessman. When I became aware that it had closed, I have immediately taken steps to learn a little more. What is special is that the transaction had slipped through our fingers. When filing our submissions, we had not been retained. And finally, we are 100% owners from today [Monday]. ”

Although it does not own for a few hours, Mr. Guillemette has a clear vision for the field of 35 hectares. He also hopes to sit down with the mayor of Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Majella Pichette, over the coming weeks to present his ideas.

“My first objective is to put an operator at the helm of Blü station, as SKYSPA, Amerispa, or Strom”, provides an example Mr. Guillemette. Subsequently, “it is clear that we will unlock a budget – between $ 250,000 and $ 400,000 – to improve the quality of facilities. We will invest to add vegetation and a little warm furnishings. We want to get some heat and some comfort myself that I had not felt when I went there. For spas, I think the offer is complete including two cold pools and a hot pool. ”

As another project in his cartoons, the company Guillemette Properties wants to develop the land along the river Lombrette. At the moment, about 20% of the site is used, says the president, who would like to build a forty contemporary microchalets. An investment of about $ 400,000. To this must be added between $ 500,000 and $ 600,000 for the development of infra-structures. “In particular, electricity and access roads to the cottage,” says the president.

“I wish to become complementary to the spa cottages, he adds. My goal is to keep 30% of the site to its natural state, 1.5 million feet. It is certain that we will not touch the farmland. This is really an integration in nature that we want to do and especially by respecting it. We develop in a context of sustainable development. Always keep in mind the economics, social and environmental acceptability. They are all as important as the other one. ”

If it gets the green light from the mayor, government and citizens, Mr. Guillemette plans to market its first microchalets in late 2016. “They will be living in the year and they will be accommodated between four and six people. They will be offered either owned or rented. Owners people will be able to rent their cottage. We will probably offer them a management service for rentals. ”

The cottages with an area of ​​about 850 square feet will be equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. “We talk about $ 100 000-125 000 $ for a cottage,” says Guillemette.

Annex can

If all goes according to plan, the businessman would also attach to Blü Station over the next years another 80 hectare site (8.5 million square feet) which he also owns. “It is five minutes away, in Saint-Joachim. We would like to combine the two places. It looks so we could not gradually integrate the two sites. Make a development in two phases. About 70% of the second site would be preserved in its natural state, “he says.

Founded in 2007, Guillemette Properties is a company development of residential and commercial real estate projects. Mr. Guillemette pilot a portfolio worth more than $ 85 million.

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