Sainte-Foy: 55% of new homes break the urban fabric, as citizens

house(Quebec) Due to the lack of mature trees and their size too high compared to the neighborhood, 55% of new homes in three neighborhoods of Sainte-Foy break the urban fabric, according to an assessment of the Committee for a respectful densification .

The results of this study, carried out in recent months by 25 volunteers who traveled the Blessed Sacrament neighborhoods, Sillery and Saint-Louis-de-France, were presented to the media on Tuesday.

In what has been called “the combing operation,” the height, materials and vegetation cover 171 homes of less than five years were analyzed.

“He was not about to judge the style or design of a house. But we realized that in some streets, there is an extreme breach of the urban fabric, and it concerns us, “says Michel Fournier, a spokesman of the Committee.

Committee members mainly complain about the exaggerated height of some duplex in relation to neighboring homes and the lack of space on the sides of the residence, often caused by the addition of a garage.

For Mr. Fournier, “import the new commuter model” in the oldest suburb what Sainte-Foy is really not ideal.

“We do not want to reach the point of no return, which in some streets, is reached. We do not want this for the future. We want to keep the harmony we have, the attraction of our neighborhoods, “he says.

The Committee requests the City of Québec that the Commission planning and conservation of Québec (CUCQ) looks to the future on all intensification projects. It is also desired that tightens and complete the 2220 regulation, which governs such projects.

New regulation for a year

Julie Lemieux, head of town planning advisor to the City of Quebec, said he had no problems with the “working citizens who get involved.” However, it argues that the study focuses on homes built in the last five years, while the 2220 regulation, adopted on a temporary basis a year ago, has no visible effect on the ground.

“We’ll probably tweak it, but now, I think that this regulation then calmed a lot. We are quite happy with what we saw, “says Ms. Lemieux.

Councillor however rejects the proposal that all projects are assessed by the CUCQ, who has “a lot of work to do.”

More broadly, she recalls that the densification of neighborhoods built in Quebec is a reality “must”. “We try to do your best. Ottawa has faced the same challenges in recent years and inspired much of what they do, “she explains.

After consulting the citizens in June, the City will present early October the Special Planning Program (SPP) for the final heritage site of Sillery. His “vision tree protection” will also be released in the coming months, says Ms. Lemieux.

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