Salmonellosis outbreak in Quebec and seven other provinces

bacterie-peut-etre-transmise-lorsqueThe Public Health Agency of Canada investigating a salmonella outbreak which broke out in eight provinces, including Quebec.

The federal agency that works with the federal and provincial stakeholders, is not yet managed to identify the source of the bacteria, she has said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

Public Health ensures that the risk is “low” for Canadians. The bacteria can be transmitted when people eat contaminated food, including poultry, beef, milk or eggs. It can also be found in fruits.

The agency also encourages Canadians to carefully manipulate their food and good cooking.

There were 34 cases so far, including three in Quebec. The most affected province is Ontario, with 16 cases, followed by Alberta, which counted six.

The majority of infections have hit women and the average age of patients is 41 years.

Eight people were hospitalized, but all have already been cured or are about to recover. No deaths were reported.

Among the symptoms of salmonellosis include fever, chills, diarrhea and vomiting. Naturally healthy people recover from the infection after four to seven days, but they can be contagious for days or weeks.

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