Salon Trappers: traffic up 30%

salon-marc-andre-racinePart of the Le Montagnais turned into biological museum time for a weekend, while standing the 39th Provincial Exhibition of the Quebec Federation of managers Trappers (FTGQ).

The regional association, organizer of the event for a second year with a mandate given by the FTGQ, decided to attract visitors by exposing stuffed animals from the collection of taxidermist Mario Bilodeau, co-owner of Bilodeau inc. Normandin. Impressive polar bears standing on their feet, welcomed visitors when they enter the room, and they could see several other boreal animals, such a narwhal, a caribou or wolf, and even more exotic species such as a leopard.

“We needed a catcher, and we must say that it’s pretty special to see, explains Marc-André Racine organizer in Sunday closing. There has been much improved over last year, with more room and more exhibitors. Ridership has increased 30%. ”

In 2015, about 2,000 people took part in the salon, trappers, nature lovers, but also a bit of “Mr. and Mrs. All-the-World. “People can interact with stakeholders and discover unsuspected facets sequestration.

“Trappers are very aware of the environment, says Mr. Racine. They are stewards of the environment. They know that if they make habitat damage is their professional or leisure activity that will suffer. They are careful not to harvest the surplus population and even maintain their territory by depositing carcasses to feed other animals. The traps used to follow standards that animals die as quickly as possible. We are aware of the opposition movements. ”

A skinning demonstration was also offered during the event, that is to say, how to skin the animal from its fur. sensitive heart refrain, even if the activity was carried out with respect. Several booths fur accessories were installed, while others were promoting this tradition that is the trap. The Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks Laurent Lessard also took part in a banquet Saturday and was impressed.

Students from vocational training in protection and exploitation of wildlife territories, offered in La Baie, Roberval and Saint-Félicien, also took the opportunity to immerse themselves in their environment.

The event, which is organized 100% by volunteers, will take place in another region of Quebec next year.

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