Sausage Party, a film that badly digests the Manif pour tous

xvma72d030c-b6f5-11e6-bf76-e1dbf4b7eab3While the cartoon trash of Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan was released in cinemas on Wednesday, November 30, the movement stemming from the protest against the Taubira law and the Catholic family associations demand its banning to under 17 years.
Sausage Party is not the other documentary on Rocco Siffredi of the week. That said, the animated film, released in theaters this Wednesday, November 30, does not really fly above the belt. Describing the adventures of Franck, a fiery sausage dreaming of stuffing Brenda, brioche and neighbor, Conrad Vernon’s latest feature film and Greg Tiernan assumes a decidedly trash tone, in the pure American cartoon tradition South Park or American Dad.
It was none the less necessary to provoke the ire of the Manif for all. The reactions against this film start in the first hours of release in the movie theaters, this Wednesday, November 20. Although Sausage Party is already banned for under-12s, the collective considers inadmissible that “a pornographic animation film” is visible to young teenagers.

Statutes of the same type scatter the morning of the Twittosphere. In an address to the National Film Center (CNC), the Manif pour Tous finally qualifies the latest born Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan of “giant orgy,” visible to the family.
New bounce in the hot sausage business a few hours later. “The Catholic family associations” join the Manif fight for all. In a statement, Sausage party is presented as “giving the appearance of being intended for young people and children (like” Toy Story “), but with a content not only coarse but also clearly pornographic, under cover of Second degree and “politically incorrect”.
Since then, Internet users have enjoyed themselves. One no longer counts the parodies, diversions and puns that ridicule the reaction of the Manif pour Tous. A box of cassoulet is called a “pandora’s box” by a Twittos, while another imagines a Frigide Barjot, in tears, exclaiming: “But you said we would make knackis!”

The executive producer of the film refuses to finance a pornographic film. “The concept of the film is simple,” says Kyle Hunter at the Huffington Post. It’s all about making gritty jokes made of sausages and plump rolls irresistibly drawn towards each other! “What?

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