School Board Browsers: school tax rises, wages of elected scoop

commission-scolaire-navigateurs-prevoit-diminution(Quebec) The school board (CS) Navigators Monday night adopted unanimously a budget of $ 241.2 million which inter alia an average increase of 8% of school tax account and a decrease of 6.5% the salaries of elected officials to compensate for cuts of $ 4.6 million.

For 2015-2016, the tax rate of the school tax stood at $ 0.2408 per $ 100 evaluation compared to $ 0.2338 last year. The increase will mean an average increase in school taxes account for $ 40 (8%) for a property valued at $ 223,348 or to a bill for $ 538 per year. This increase should allow the CS to fill half of the loss of earnings caused by government cuts.

“I can guarantee that we have turned every stone to see where we could make savings. And it was also important for us not to touch student services. We succeeded in making cuts internally, “explains François Caron, president of the SC, in an interview with Le Soleil.

Wage part, Mr. Caron states that the school board has not really had the choice to imitate that of the capital, including elected officials voted a pay cut of 3.6% last week.

“No one here had envisaged a reduction of the salary of elected officials. It is a government decree that fixed the amount allocated to each elected school board that requires us to do so. The envelope that we had last year for the remuneration of 16 Commissioners was $ 152,000 and it drops to $ 133,000 this year. We diminuerons wages of 6.5% for all elected officials, “said the president.

The school board Navigators also drew the maximum allowed, $ 1.4 million in the $ 21.6 million representing the usable portion of its accumulated surplus to balance its budget this year.

Decrease stations

The President was keen to point out that the school board Navigators had planted several years measures to reduce spending, especially by the reduction of 10 administrative positions and support for pedagogy. “These are jobs that have been eliminated by attrition or due to reallocations. No layoffs were necessary, “insists Mr. Caron.

The school board also decreased by $ 500,000 Allowance institutions, saved $ 700,000 by tightening the number of groups and $ 200,000 by not indexing other expenses.

“As we have 500 more students this year, tightening the number of groups can result, for example, by an increase of one or two students in groups that counted 18 or 23,” says Bertin Fillion, General Manager and deputy director of financial resources services.

In three years, the CS would thus have saved the equivalent of $ 10 million in posts. “At 3.6%, administrative expenses of the CSDN are among the lowest, both within the school board of his stature as public administration in general,” said François Caron concluded.

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