A school park improved Sunflower

effectues-exterieur-ecoleSecondary School Tournesol in Windsor redevelop its outdoor courtyard to include a running track as well as relaxation areas.

The work, which will begin in mid-June and are expected to finalize a month later, come in two parts. First, the management wishes to exploit the rocky mound topped by a small wooded area, past the school, where students travel daily disembarking buses and by attending it.

“Right now it’s a wasteland and young people walk through the branches. It is difficult to monitor and ensure their safety, “says the director of the school, Sylvie Bernier.

“We will keep large trees, but many of the shrubs will be removed and the field will be equalized (…). We will arrange relaxing corners with paths, stairs, picnic tables, stone benches … Basically, it will become a place where students will be able to gather safely. ”

In doing so, management hopes to strengthen the sense of belonging of students and reduce violence in the schoolyard.

“We said that landscaping places where young people feel well and where we can better monitor, it will ensure that if some feel threatened or are bullied, it will be easier for us to see “argues Ms. Bernier.

Moreover, as a result of the situation is announced on the Facebook page of high school, many people worried about the disappearance of the skate park away. Asked about this, the director ensures that it will remain intact.

Investing in sport

Secondly, an athletics track stone dust will be added around the soccer field adjacent to the school. Facilities for throwing discus, javelin and weight will also be incorporated.

“For several years in Sunflower, our students perform well in athletics, but there was no shelf to practice outside, so everything was inside, explains the director. Given that our young people are interested in athletics, we have a lot of entries (…) we decided to really push in that area. ”

In total, improving school park represents an investment of $ 95,000. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has awarded $ 25,000 to the project, and the Summits of the School Board offered the same amount. Several donors and municipalities also participated.

“That’s still four years that we work to raise money for that project, said Ms. Bernier. We knew that the athletics track, it was pretty expensive, but really we insisted. ”

“At least for the track, it is necessary that the hollow entrepreneur, and we just need to fill in some places rock cap: it allowed us to see a little more with the means at hand!”

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