Schools can not require the purchase of a tablet

(Quebec) The Ministry of Education reminded about high school Summit of Charlesbourg, which requires a third year of purchase or lease an iPad to all parents. This is illegal, again ruled the ministry Monday.

The recall follows a complaint from a mother who has denounced Sunday in VAT, the obligation for her to buy a tablet in her teenage attending the Summit School. Since 2014, the school’s educational project requires the use of a tablet for every student. The project was approved by the governing board “our democratic forum for parents,” says Martine Chouinard, general secretary of the school board First-Lordships.

“Our society is changing and technology is very present. It is seen as a differentiated model of instruction, a promising pilot project, “says Ms. Chouinard. The turn “iPad” from high school the same Summit is followed by a researcher.

Parents have the choice to buy an iPad at $ 600 in the paid for three years or rent for $ 110 per year. “In return, the school is paying less exercise books and copy to parents, the equivalent of $ 100 per year,” says Chouinard.

The school board claims it is for parents to pay for the iPad, because it is a tool that replaces leaves, exercise books and pencils. Educational applications on it, they, however, are paid by the school.

Impugned practice

The Ministry of Education, however, disputes this practice. “Schools should provide free tablet computers if they wish to require them as part of the teaching curriculum,” said the statement issued Monday afternoon.

Is that the Education Act provides for free educational services for all, which extends “to the textbooks and instructional materials.”

In 2014, when the high school The Summit started putting the iPad in school supplies list to be provided by the parents, the Department of Education was sailing in a legal limbo. He ruled in June 2015 and stipulated that it was for public schools to pay for tablets.

The school boards had all been informed of this decision, but the Summit School had still decided to continue the project, adding the option of renting shelves for parents.

For now, no school of the school board First-Lordships has followed suit with Summit School. It was not possible to know Monday if the school was going this time to comply with the directives of the ministry and pay to student tablets.

Other Quebec’s public schools have introduced tablet computers in their classrooms, but not making them mandatory or not providing the students, as is the case of the primary school of the Star, St. Nicolas.

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