Scion iM: second beginning

Scion iM
Scion iM
(Calgary) everyone in the world has he not entitled to a second chance? Scion, discreet and young subsidiary of Toyota, offers, with the iM, a vehicle for the wide dissemination. In fact, by the end of 2016, the brand believes that this single model will represent 59% of its sales.

The national executive of Scion has put order in its ideas and its range of products. With the exception of the cut FR-S and tC, while the rest is passed to the hatch. And it is so much better, Xa, Xb, and iQ (you don’t know?) seemed to all three escaped from a cartoon first age.

Scion has also substantially increased its points of sale and service. There are 50 more this year, bringing the total to 146. They are always paired, you will recall, Toyota dealers.

Officially, the iM does not replace the Matrix within the Toyota group, but the direction of Scion believes, however, that his last-born may serve as a substitute to the versatility that he provides his body with five doors.

In the dark

Too consensual, no doubt, but not unpleasant to look at so far, the iM draws its inspiration left and right. Several consumers will not fail to identify similarities especially with the CT200h to the luxury subsidiary of Toyota, Lexus. Both display in effect substantially the same external dimensions, but the iM is more spacious for its occupants and their luggage. Alas, in front of its direct competitors, the Scion is lagging behind in these two areas. Indeed, it is enough to drag on the back seat to realize it. The clearance there is counted.

The trunk volume is also down compared to that of the competition. The load threshold bit high for easy loading. You can also get in a flash a large perfectly flat surface in place of the rear seat which records are to fold individually (60/40). The iM would have been able to do better and to allow, as the now-defunct Matrix, to fold the front passenger seat in order to leave more space for the transport of long objects.

The applied “piano black” probably contribute to enrich the interior decoration, but do not make it any less austere. The finish does, however, raises no criticism and the materials used feel the quality. The instrument is clear and readable and the main controls are at your fingertips. The driving position, lower than that offered formerly by the Matrix, is easy to find thanks to many adjustments and a steering column which is articulated on two axes (depth and height).

Considering the price asked, the inventory of standard features and appears satisfied. The list of optional accessories, however. It takes a few lines to a penalty and a number of “treats” appreciated by consumers are simply not. It is thought to include heated front bucket, leather upholstery, sensors, blind, or even a sunroof.

In order to simplify its production and make the decision ordering easier for our dealers, the national executive of Scion will seek to transform this handicap to an asset in the eyes of the buyer who has strictly said that two choices to make: the gear box and the exterior paintwork. In fact, the only other option affects the presence of a navigation system (7″) the price of which had not yet been fixed at the time of going to press.

We are excited or not?

The iM is based on an architecture front-wheel drive with front engine located transversely. It comes from the Toyota Auris notably marketed in Europe.

Meeting in Japan, this platform has a very conventional strut-type McPherson at the front and a suspension with double wishbones at the rear in order to improve the dynamic behavior of the vehicle.

A displacement of 1.8 L, the engine that drives it does not contain any technical advance that is likely to shake the competition in regards to the consumption; and not enough horsepower and torque to worry no more when the light turns green. No advantage, therefore, on these two fronts. The 1,8-litre on the other hand has the merit of having reached a stage of development (and reliability!) difficult to surpass.

Not very spirited, this powerplant is linked to a six-speed manual disappointing. Command rubbery, tiered too long – classic of our days – and the clutch is difficult to modulate due to the fault of a race too long. It is better to spend 825$ required, and retain the automatic transmission continuously variable transmission (CVT). There were seven reports virtual” mimicking as much as possible the behavior of a box and classic with torque converter. In the framework of a normal use, most of the drivers do suspecteront not the presence of this box driven by a belt. They will detect (or démasqueront, it is based) only at the time of hard acceleration. It was at this time that the iM is less good and the manoeuvres of overflow, in particular, require a certain amount of anticipation. Even by pressing the Sport button that accompanies it. The other disappointment for the turning diameter of the vehicle requires that you take two times for the park.

At the wheel, the iM is safe, soft, (very) quiet and easy to drive, but does not provide a level of driving pleasure very statement. The majority of people will laugh at no doubt, but the title of “sport” promulgated by the direction of Scion appears here usurped. It remains to be seen if the entry in the parts catalog high performance from the antenna sport from Toyota (TRD) promised in the course of the year will be able to correct the shot.

Until then, iM still represents an interesting choice for anyone looking for a vehicle with proven reliability and offering a shopping experience of a disarming simplicity. Thanks to the support of the commercial machine well-oiled Toyota, there is no doubt that the objective of flow annually 4000 units of the mi is in the range of Scion.

The costs of transport and accommodation related to this story have been paid by Toyota Canada.


> Make/Model: Scion iM

> Price range: 21 165 $ 21 990 $

> Transportation: 1690 $

> Basic warranty: 3 years/60 000 km

> Real consumption: 8.9 L/100 km

> For more information:


> Engine (gasoline): L4 DOHC 1.8-liter

> Power: 137 hp at 6100 rpm

> Torque: 126 lb-ft at 4100 rpm

> Weight: 1375 kg (automatic version)

> Power-weight ratio: 10,03 kg/ch

> Mode: Traction

> Transmission: 6-speed Manual

> Transmission optional: Automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission)

> Direction/turning Diameter (m): Rack-and-pinion/11,4

> Brakes av-arr: disc/Disc

> Tires (va-arr): 245/45R17

> Tank capacity/Fuel recommendations: 53/Ordinary


> Serious construction

> Behavior reassuring

> CVT pleasant


> Clutch exhausting (manual)

> Customization restricted

> Performance lymph

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