SCSTA Haidar says Raif Badawi, his love

eve-voile-histoireThe history of Raif Badawi has circled the globe. With the book Raif Badawi: The Voice of Freedom. My husband, our story, SCSTA Haidar wants to know the man behind the blogger, now a prisoner of conscience.

SCSTA Haidar soon fly to London to attend here at the launch of the book describing his love story and that of her spouse. “Everyone helps Raif Raif knows, but people do not know personally Raif … Raif They do not know the father, husband … my love.”

In addition to attending the launch of the English version of the book in London, she take the opportunity to meet activists of Amnesty International. It must also stop in Washington, and a launch is planned in Montreal May 14

SCSTA Haidar was delivered to the author Andrea C. Hoffman, who met with the adoption Sherbrookoise for about two weeks. “I told my story with an interpreter.” The work was first released in Germany in 2015.

“Now it will come out in England and the United States. I will return to Europe in May for the French version, “says SCSTA in a French increasingly assured. It also tells the story she now speaks enough French to get by in English. This was far from the case when it had to sit on school benches in 2013, if she remembers recalling all the changes it has faced.

“His morale is not good, his health is not good. It’s always negative. “

In the pages of the story to be published in French, she wondered about the outcome of the fight, sometimes wavering between hope and despair. Did she and all their fans around the world will come to liberate Raif? if she wondered aloud. It has a certain, though: her children and she will fight to their “last breath” to free man from their lives.

What news she had of her husband?

“I have contacts with Raif. It’s always the same things, she laments in an interview. His morale is not good, his health is not good. It’s always negative. ”

The mother of three children hope the publication will bring the story of her husband at the forefront.

Raif Badawi was imprisoned in 2012. The Saudi authorities accuse him of what he said on his blog. His writings raised questions about the customs in Saudi Arabia, for example on the place of women.

A collection of his writings titled 1000 lashes because I dared to speak freely, was published.

Accused including insulting Islam, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, 1000 lashes, a ban on leaving the country and fined nearly $ 300,000. His lawyer, Walid Abu al-Khair, is also imprisoned. Raif Badawi was flogged first time in January 2015, his sentence to be administered to hit 50 whips. The sentencing has ceased, but the relatives of prisoner of fear that it begins again.

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