Seaplane crash: the six bodies found

enqueteurs-bureau-securite-transports-jimmyTadoussac) More than 48 hours after the tragedy, the authorities finally reached Tuesday afternoon recover the bodies of the six victims of the crash of a seaplane Air Saguenay, which occurred Sunday High Coast -North. Their work was greatly complicated by the weather, rain and fog making of the game.

Once the outputs of the accident site, around 16h, the remains were transferred from the helicopter to a hearse in an undisclosed location by the police, who held to the media away from the scene, in particular because Some bodies were mutilated. The bodies were then taken the path of Forensic Sciences Laboratory and forensic Montreal.

In addition to the police, people from the Bureau of Transportation Safety Board (TSB), a pathologist and coroner of the North Shore went on stage. The starting Tadoussac coroner and TSB, scheduled for 7 am this morning at 11:40 was delayed because of a low ceiling for flying.

The identities of the victims have not yet been revealed by the authorities, although the names of the driver and one of the victims, a French citizen, were announced Monday. Tuesday, we learned that four other people died in the crash were British, all members of one family, or parents and their children aged 14 and 17.

As to TSB investigators, they were able to confirm that the aircraft, a Beaver built in 1956, is dropped vertically on top of a mountain, the trail in the trees testifying. The engine was running, they also established.

They also collected a GPS navigation device, which may reveal their trajectory of the fatal flight. Investigators also reported some components of the device, including the speedometer. All these devices will be analyzed in the laboratory.

collection arduous debris

TSB’s work on the field has established partially continuity of the flight controls, the rest will be specified at the laboratory of the body when the debris of the aircraft will be transferred there. The recovery of this debris appears also complicated, with that territory inaccessible by land.

“With the scene of accident difficult to access, we focused on data collection. Thereafter, the pieces are going to put together, “said one of TSB investigators, Jimmy Cancino, for whom the analysis work begins.

Recall that the aircraft took off from Air Saguenay Long Lake near Bergeronnes, around 11:15 am Sunday with a pilot on board and five foreign tourists under perfect weather conditions. They had to do a tourist flight over the Upper North Shore area, a mission accomplished by the regular driver Romain Desrosiers, but that ended in the drama of a still unexplained.

Because of the international repercussions of this tragedy, daily prestigious London Daily Telegraph Tuesday at Tadoussac had delegated its correspondent in New York.

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