Search at Jean-Marie Le Pen, suspected of tax evasion

jean-marie-pen-87-ansA search targeted home Wednesday in the Paris region of the former leader of the French extreme right, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in the context of a particular investigation concerning the alleged facts of tax evasion laundering, according to sources familiar with the matter and judiciary.

This investigation co-founder of the National Front (FN), at odds with his party, was opened in June by the Financial parquet.

It covers facts alleged tax fraud laundering and failure to declare assets, which are bound parliamentarians, said the judicial source.

It is the result of reports in particular from the anti-money laundering cell of the Ministry of Finance (Tracfin) hidden in a bank account abroad.

In late April, an online investigative site Mediapart, revealed reporting Tracfin evoking managed trust company in Geneva, which would be the beneficiary’s personal assistant Jean-Marie Le Pen.

According to this report, the fund include a abounded account amounting to 2.2 million euros (about 3.2 million), 1.7 (over 2.4 million) in the form of ingots and gold coins.

As he had done in the spring, Jean-Marie Le Pen was again “denied” Wednesday it had “broken the law”.

“I am outraged by this unwarranted judicial violence,” he added by saying “the object of close attention, even inquisitorial, tax officials for dozens of years.”

In his report, Tracfin mentions the existence of a trust company based in the British Virgin Islands and managed in Geneva on behalf of the personal assistant of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a source close to the matter told AFP .

According to this source, the account was closed in 2014 and the money transferred to a bank in the Bahamas.

Another report, from an official specialized committee for financial transparency of political life, dealt with the 2014 declaration of assets of Jean-Marie Le Pen and was also linked to suspicions that account.

Mr Le Pen had admitted in 2013 have held an account in Switzerland opened at UBS in 1981, a case already mentioned in the past. He then spoke of a loan transaction to the time of his record company, the SERPs.

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