Searches in Alma

policiers-debarque-1340The Surete du Quebec is conducting several narcotics raids in the town of Alma. Early this morning, the police arrived at 1340 Scott Street and 689 Sauve. The series of searches were also held in Montreal and Quebec City.

SQ provides stop fifteen individuals aged 24-40 years who will appear this afternoon at the Alma courthouse.

The investigation being allowed in until now, enter 3.2 liters of GHB (date rape drug), 2.8 kilograms of cannabis, 40 thousand tablets of methamphetamine, 40 grams of cocaine, 25 grams of powder 11 methamphetamine tablets of ketamine, fentanyl 27, more than $ 16,500 cash, $ 4,000 in fake American money notes and accounts list.

The Stopru