See beyond Lumina Foresta

-nuit-pont-rougeDespite a more eloquent balance sheet in 2015, including revenue of $ 1.7 million for the nightlife experience Foresta Lumina with a total of 145,000 visitors and a net profit for the Coaticook Gorge Park nearly $ 1.3 million, more than double last year, leaders not yet taking anything for granted.

In fact, 2016 marks the beginning of the thought process that aims to develop the next strategic planning from 2017 to 2021. “Foresta Lumina was established as a result of our 2011-2016 strategic planning, it is wrong to believe that it’s still on the shelves,” commented Executive Director, Caroline Wise.

2015 balance sheet

Among the highlights of 2015, highlight an investment of $ 600,000 including bonus Course Foresta Lumina, construction of a waiting area, the fiber optic system to improve telephony and networking and the posting of a ticket. In fact, 80% of sales of Foresta Lumina were made online.

In general, the park experienced an increase in ridership of 50%, hiking 18% for a total of 106,000 hikers and camping recorded 36% more overnight stays, 14651 compared with 10769 in 2014.

Winter activities also surged forward, namely a dramatic increase of 133% snow biking, 35% of ice climbing and 10% for snowshoeing. “The slide experiencing a steady decline for three years, justifying the decision of the board for not having offered this year,” says Caroline Wise.

Finally, the uncertain climate recent winters has resulted in a loss of $ 3,250 for winter activities in 2015, while in 2014 it had recorded a loss of $ 3,860. The year 2016 is not much better. “It does not necessarily remove the winter Gorge Park, but it’s a big questioning,” admits Ms. Wise.

The flip side of Mother Nature

Unfortunately, the Gorge and his younger brother Park, Park Nature discovery, have also been setbacks, including the floods of June 9 and hail August 3, causing major damage to the campground and in the park trails the Gorge for repair costs totaling around $ 30,000.

On the side of Discovered Nature Park, the voracious birds need a new seeding of fish for an unexpected expense of $ 8,000, which led to a net annual deficit of $ 928. Still, Baldwin Park saw a ridership increase of 5% and Fishing Festival attracted 30% more fishing enthusiasts, while the BBQ on trout cooking packages have reached unprecedented heights, or in 1676 compared to 101 last year.

2016 projects

For 2016, investments totaling around $ 800,000 are planned, including the 2017-2021 strategic planning and consolidation of infrastructure including, among others, improvement of sanitary facilities, the development of a playroom and improving the water supply. “Expanding the pool if possible or offer new products to wet our customers !, launches Ms. Sage laughed. We will also add the ready-to-camp, because we know that lack of accommodation and we want to offer an alternative with a product that we already know. ”

The Gorge Bridge also undertake a large green, including the addition of electric charging stations, and online booking will be available for all products of the park with a sales target of 60% online.

As for Foresta Lumina, a 2017-2021 strategic planning of the product itself is planned, as well as improving the nightlife experience for its third season. “Our biggest challenge this year is to facilitate access to the site, sharing the CEO. We have a system of special shuttles, but we must create magic to encourage people to use them, create a customer experience that is part of the product Foresta Lumina. “At the same time, the Gorge Park hopes to resolve a recurring problem, parking.

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