Selena Gomez: Niall Horan admits for her!

selena-gomez-niall-horan-ensemble-coupleExit Justin Bieber! Niall Horan has revealed in an interview that he still cracks for Selena Gomez.
A confession that risks making the buzz on social networks. While Melty’s editing revealed that Selena Gomez had made her big comeback after her stay in rehab, it would seem that the young woman leaves no one indifferent. Sublime in her red dress, the singer made a sensation during her comeback at the ceremony of the American Music Awards 2016. An event that did not go unnoticed so the fans waited impatiently for the pretty brunette to return on the Media scene. An appearance that has been rewarded since Selly won the prize of the female pop-rock artist. But if everything seems to go for the best professional side, the interpreter of “Hands To Myself” is currently single. But be careful because things may change very quickly. The reason ? Interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Niall Horan who appeared very close to Selena Gomez at the AMA’s, admitted that she did not leave him indifferent …

You may be unaware of it but Selena Gomez who recently took the pose with her fans, and Niall Horan have long cast doubt on their relationship. While many Internet users are persuaded that they have formed a couple, others still have some reservations. And for good reason, the two celebrities have never formalized their supposed relationship. But this may well be about to change! Since in full interview with Ryan Seacrest, Niall Horan confided that he did not have a girlfriend. (From 7m10 in the video above.) A comment that did not fall in the ear of a deaf person because the radio host replied: “You should try your luck with Selena, like.” The singer of the One Direction then launched: “I’m taking care of it!” Would this mean that the two artists could get together again? Stay tuned. In any case, here is a statement that will not fail to react on the Web. And you, would you like Selena Gomez and Niall Horan to be a couple?

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