Seniors referred by suspicious phone calls

callThe Police Service of Sherbrooke wishes to point out to people that the elderly have recently been referred by suspicious phone calls.

According to the public relations Martin Carrier, at least eight cases have been reported in recent days in this case, many seniors.

The procedure is not new. The suspect contacts the potential victim by posing for a family member, and believing he needed money because of an accident or a problem with the law.

Thereafter, a person goes to the home of the person who was trapped to recover the money.

According to the Police Service of Sherbrooke least eight complaints were filed with the police force and a sum exceeding $ 67,000 was stolen victims in question.

In some cases, the fraudster posing as a lawyer.

People who receive a call like this should beware hanging up, recommends the police.

If you have been a victim of such a scam, it is suggested to contact the Sherbrooke Police Service at 819-821-5555.

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