Sept-Iles 179 accident-free days at the Aluminerie Alouette

derniere-meilleure-sequence-remonte-2012(Sept-Iles) Alouette knows, these days, the longest sequence without work accident in its history.

On July 27 it had passed 179 consecutive days without anyone injures the aluminum smelter in Sept-Îles, which employs a thousand workers. In the jargon, we talk about the lack of “recordable injury” is one that involves a waste of time, a temporary assignment or medical treatment.

“It represents more than 1.3 million hours worked without a recordable,” argued the President and CEO, Claude Boulanger. “We are currently building our new best performance.” The historic achievement includes, in addition, the activity of the company’s subcontractors and the reception of visitors.

Of the heart

“You can not get results like that without the commitment of the people of the floor, everyone that works to reduce the number of injuries,” Mr. Boulanger praise, before listing a long list of measures up by his business and that contribute to the prevention and reduction of accidents.

Nothing unique Alouette according to him, but especially the “heart” placed therein, which is no stranger to the low number of injuries. “The tools are fairly constant in our industry, what will make the difference is the quality of their application, the concern to do things, to do with the heart,” says the boss.

The last best sequence goes back to 2012 when the company had recorded 153 days

(1.1 million hours) without recordable injury, a record eclipsed July 1. “Statistics is fun, but it’s not why we did it. My real reward is that workers return home without injury, “says Mr. Baker.

Still, the performance of the smelter place it among the best in the world as ranked by the International Aluminium Institute. Alouette operates in Sept-Îles since 1992.

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